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purse replica handbags Bridge, one of the rare Canadian quarterbacks in the CFL, signed a one year contract extension to remain with the Saskatchewan Roughriders through the 2018 season.Bridge, who is from Mississauga, Ont., is a veteran of three CFL seasons. He joined the Riders in August of 2016 after being released by the Montreal a key guy we wanted to get back and obviously quarterback is an important position on any football team, said Jeremy O the CFL team assistant vice president of football operations and administration.Although Bridge was second on the depth chart behind Kevin Glenn in 2017, the passer nicknamed “Air Canada” threw 10 touchdown passes last season.He also became the first Canadian quarterback to throw a touchdown pass in a playoff game since Russ Jackson in 1969.The 6 foot 5, 235 lbs. Quarterback saw limited action as a backup in 2016 but dressed for all 18 regular season games this past season. purse replica handbags

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