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The Australian Taxation Office has boosted its electronic services in recent years, including voice authentication, the ability for app users to photograph receipts and store them in the cloud, and tracking work related car use via GPS on people smartphones or tablet computers.However, while 23 per cent of people now file receipts on a computer, 39 per cent use a drawer and 10 per cent a shoebox, Beyond Bank survey found.DAVID KOCH: Ten tax commandmentsDeputy CEO Wayne Matters said it was surprising that many people still chose old fashioned ways to keep receipts and other data despite clever new methods to track expenses.guess as long as it is being collected somewhere, even if it organised chaos, then it better than no system at all, he said.Heather Gill says shoeboxes are still a great way to store tax receipts. Picture: Tom HuntleySource:News LimitedHeather Gill is a member of the traditional shoebox brigade, and also uses a tax agent instead of myTax.something about a shoebox that makes it a great device for keeping receipts otherwise they just seem to disappear in everyday paperwork, she said.Ms Gill said she put off doing her tax return for as long as possible because such a boring chore not alone. Beyond Bank survey found almost half of us see tax as a chore, despite more than 80 per cent of taxpayers receiving a refund each year.Mr Matters said electronic guides such as myTax had become very easy to use.

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